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True Blood's Sam Trammell: Give Us Kristen Stewart!

True Blood's Sam Trammell: Give Us Kristen Stewart!

Sun., Jul. 26, 2009 11:55 AM PDT by

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Can someone please send Twilight DVDs over to the set of True Blood?

Even though Sam Trammell, who plays shape-shifter bar owner Sam Merlotte on the hit HBO series, told us over a month ago he wanted to see everybody's favorite young vampire love flick, that's yet to happen.

"I swear to God, I'm going to do it because it's ridiculous," Trammell told us the other night at the EA Sports Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 party. "Everywhere I go I get asked [if I've seen Twilight]. I'm going to read all the books and watch the movie."

He has, however, seen Adventureland, Kristen Stewart's recent coming-of-age comedy about a group of young summer amusement-park workers…

Trammell thinks Stewart would be a great on True Blood. "I really loved her in Adventureland," he said. "I'd love her to come on. She could be a little vampire or a victim."

While we don't see that happening anytime soon, Trammell did tease us with what's coming up for True Blood.

"I'll tell you that starting at episode six, it's utter mayhem," he said. "I turn into the smallest possible thing I can turn into and a very big thing as well."

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira

What do yo u guys think? I am personally against it, but idk. It might be kind of cute hahaha

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